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Patient Testimonials

"I discovered I had a torn retina, I called the practice, they scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kavoussi. He moved Heaven + Earth to save my eye!! Keep in mind this was during the COVID virus, he made a special trip to the surgery center before the surgery center normally opens. Dr. Kavoussi and his staff performed the surgery. The next morning he made another special trip for the surgery follow-up. He has been the BEST doctor I know. Due to his special work ethic and expertise, I will see out of my eye normal again!!! I will forever be in his debt, he is a wonderful doctor, words cannot describe."

Ray Wilkins

June 4, 2020

"I thank God for Dr. Kavoussi, he is such a blessing to us. My vision is so much better. Thank you so much for your care for us."

Sylvia De La Cruz

July 3 2020

"Dr. K has been the only doctor I trust with the laser treatment. Always thorough in explaining what is happening with my vision and how we can correct it. I believe him to be the top in his field."

Dale Couch

April 22, 2020

"Shawn Kavoussi, MD, vitreo-retinal surgeon, treated my right eye for wet macular degeneration. The treatment required shots of medication to the right eyeball, one shot each month for three consecutive months. A second series of these shots followed. I experienced a gradual improvement of the wavy line in my vision, especially while reading. The shots to the right eyeball had a positive effect on my overall vision. I'm pleased with the positive effect to my overall vision with thanks to the care by Dr. Kavoussi."

Ruth V. Reese

September 2, 2018

"I must thank Dr. Kavoussi for his expert and very professional treatment. Dr. Kavoussi took me as a patient one weekend on an emergency basis. He saw me through the trauma of a detached retina. His surgical skill was painless and effective. I recommend him to anyone who needs surgical eye treatment."

Richard Winchell

July 25, 2018

"Dr. Kavoussi did everything he said he would. I could not see in my left eye, complete darkness, now 3 months later I see and he is still in touch with me. He prepared me for the worst and the good, walked me through every step, kept in touch with me, his nurses followed up with me, and answered all of my questions. 5 stars all the way."

Dawn Jolivette

June 28, 2018

"I had emergency retina surgery with Dr. Kavoussi and was very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Kavoussi was very clear and informative about the procedure. He was pleasant and professional. His staff are easy to communicate with and professional."

James Higgins

June 14, 2018

"This letter is to inform you of the outstanding job I believe Dr. Shawn Kavoussi and his staff have performed with my eye. I had cataract surgery in the fall of 2017. After a few weeks, I started having complications and Dr. Kavoussi took over my care. I have had a couple of setbacks but Dr. Kavoussi or his staff has always been available when needed. I truly believe without Dr. Kavoussi I would have lost the sight in my eye. Any time I felt the eye was getting worse or not improving, I was told to come see him immediately. He never tried to put off any of my concerns and was always very thorough and genuinely concerned with my eye care. I would not hesistate to recommend Dr. Kavoussi for any specialty eye care needed."

Jerry McGehee 

June 5, 2018

"Never have I received as excellent care as I have here at the Woodlands location of Berkeley Eye Center. All of the staff are courteous, friendly, and very efficient. My surgeon, Dr. Shawn Kavoussi, has done a great job on my detached retina and has explained the process in great detail so as to allay my fears of blindness. He is a credit to his profession."

Louisa Volpe

January 30, 2018

"Dr. Coffee & Dr. Kavoussi are amazing. My sister in April woke up blind from bleeders behind her eyes. We were ale to get in to see Dr. Coffee and he was gentle and caring even to the point he called her oncologist to coordinate platelet infusions so she could handle the eye surgery to give her back sight in one of her eyes, then we would plan surgery for the other. But before we could start the next phase something happened and the pressure started increasing in that eye dangerously so we called the emergency number and talked with April. She contacted her doctor who was out of town so we spoke with Dr. Kavoussi and set a time for her to come in the next morning which was a Friday. He was so caring that he had to relieve pressure and ordered an emergency surgery for Monday but again we needed platelets so he talked with the oncologist and coordinated the infusion and surgery for Monday, but he was concerned that the pressures may come up over the weekend so he had her come in on Saturday and Sunday to remove pressure from her eye. He and his technician April came in just for my sister. Surgery had gone well with a secondary surgery down the line. Thank you for saving my sister's eyes."

Liz Holden

July 18, 2017 via Facebook

"My right eye was already visually impaired, and my left eye was in good condition until one day I abruptly lost vision due to retinal detachment and I was going to be totally blind. As my prayers to God continued, he sent me Dr. Kavoussi. Because of my language barrier I cannot fully explain what my doctor did for me. He admitted me as an emergency and did the surgery the same evening. He saved my left eye and gave me my light back. The surgery was carried out on a Friday and I was told to come Saturday morning as the only patient in the clinic. Dr. Kavoussi was there only for me and he removed the patch so that my eye saw the light. I can say Dr. Kavoussi did everything not only based on his profession but based on his humanity, humility, compassion and kind heart. He tirelessly did his best and saved my left eye."

K. Feleke

May 11, 2017

"Dr. Kavoussi has treated my macular degeneration for the past year, and he performed surgery in my right eye. He is an excellent physician. He takes care of me in a personal way. All of his procedures and attention to my eyes have been excellent."

R. Horton

US Army Retired

May 20, 2016

"I'm the luckiest man in the world. I came into the hospital about to lose my right eye but thanks to the best doctor in the hospital I'm still seeing. He's the best at what he does, his manners are above being the best, and without him I'd be blind. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to see my grandchildren."

D. Crooms

March 14, 2017

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